Home Brew: This Week’s Adventures with Butter Coffee

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I read that butter coffee increases energy and decreases appetite. Sounds like a good deal to me.

So I made some this week. The last few mornings, I have brewed a pot of coffee, ultimately choosing the aptly named “Breakfast Caravan” from Shangri-La over my dwindling stock of Tim Horton’s. I then poured a cup of that coffee in my handy Air Canada drinking bottle, which comes complete with strainer, added a pat of butter, and shook it for a good 30 seconds. The resulting frothy concoction went into my lucky monkey coffee mug.

I haven’t noticed any increase in energy but I have noticed one in appetite, most noticeably a desire to make toast or corn on the cob. Those aroma-memory triggers are firing faster than normal.

Am I doing something wrong? Will adding a slice of toast to this mix and shaking it until pulverized help? Should I have used unsalted butter? Or should I just make that corn, lather it with a blend of two of my favorite foods — butter and coffee — and declare it the new breakfast wonder?

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