Jue Market update: Bagels, cured meat & doughnuts from Traitor Zhou’s

japanese nori bagel traitor zhou's migas okra works willow farm-001

I already posted here about the foods and drinks be available at this Sunday’s Jue Market and here some bagel options available / soon to be available in Beijing. I just saw that Traitor Zhou’s, which teams Migas, Okra Works and Willow Farm, will be at the market and bringing all kinds of deliciousness, too, including the Japanese Nori Bagel in the photo above. Looks good!

A press release says Traitor Zhou’s will also bring cured meats and doughnuts to the market. And will attend other festivals and events this year. And will soon open a series of shops:

“Traitor Zhou’s has been serving many restaurants and cafes in Beijing for the past few years. We are now also going to offer the products in store [the first one is slated to open in May] but with a bigger range and some of them exclusively only in shops. Product categories range includes sake, sausages, bacon, preserved vegetables, doughnuts, bagels and so much more.”

Here’s what one of those bagels looks like dressed:

traitor zhou bagel dressed beijing china-001

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