World Baijiu Day: Catch the Spirit on August 8

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Baijiu is the planet’s most swallowed spirit but production and consumption is limited almost entirely to China. World Baijiu Day, slated for Saturday, August 8, 2015, aims to introduce this alcohol to a wider audience, in a similar spirit as events that promote gin, vodka, whisky and rum.

Baijiu is already attracting lots of interest beyond Chinese drinkers. The first English-language guide, Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits came out last spring, a timely publication given the growing number of bartenders experimenting with this spirit. A group of expatriates opened the baijiu bar Capital Spirits in Beijing last fall while another such bar, Lumos, is set to open in New York this month. And nine bars in London held a Baijiu Cocktail Week during the Chinese New Year holidays.

World Baijiu Day aims to contribute to this trend and to get more people to try this spirit. The event will see bars worldwide feature cocktails that use baijiu, flights that contrast different styles of this spirit, and more. Over the next month, the site World Baijiu Day will grow to include info about these events, a baijiu FAQ, tips on where to buy baijiu, and a list of online and print resources.

I’ll post here about World Baijiu Day events that specifically involve Beijing, but to get all of the news, please check the dedicated site. And if you are interested in more info or in participating, contact the organizers at spirit (at)

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