It’s a Melt Off: Venezuela vs Spain Sandwich Smackdown this Saturday

It’s a Melt Off!

It’s neither a tribute to global warming nor a contest for those shedding winter weight, but “simply the best event in town”, one that will have you as excited as a grilled cheese nibbling hamster doing somersaults on a vibrating bed.

It’s Beijing’s cheesiest fixture, a Venezuela vs Spain sandwich smack-down in which but one artista alimentos wins The Gold Crust, a night that will draw spectators the world over.

In short, it’s The Third Corner Melt Global International Planetary Melt-Off, one that pits German-Argentinian Paolito Gonzalez of Venezuela against Argentinian-Catalonian Andrea [Surname] of Spain.

As The Corner Melt puts it:

“This monthly event pits two challengers against each other in a sandwich design competition. After a few weeks of development, each sandwich will be presented to the public. The winning melt will be chosen by popular vote and featured on the menu till the next Melt Off.”

Word is the contestants will also each be armed with a cheese grater, a bread knife and two laser cats.

The Corner Melt Off is March 21, with tastings of the two sandwiches from 6 PM. The voting continues until 8:30 PM, with the winner announced at 9 PM. There will be food and drink specials from 9 PM to Midnight, including 10-kuai PBR Tall Boys and 20-kuai ‘Merica Melts and Fireball Shots.

Corner Melt March Melt Off.jpg

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