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Windy City Ballroom is off the beaten path for many people but given how bad traffic gets downtown, the time needed to get to this retreat by subway–plus a ten-minute walk from the station–isn’t really that long (see map below). And the stress-reducing effects of the lotus pond, the grass and spacious restaurant–plus humongous portions of American-style food–is worth it. (There are even courtyard rooms for rent for those who want to stay overnight.)

This is a long way of noting that Windy City has a nice long list of daily specials for the hungry and thirsty. Here’s a lowdown, with full details on the poster below:

  • Monday: The pizzas double in size, but the price remains the same, thus apparently defying physics.
  • Tuesday: A rack of American spare ribs is rmb358. I saw someone attempt to eat this dish and fail. It looked like it came out of a woolly mammoth. Or double as a stage for The Beijing Beatles.
  • Wednesday: Cheesy tuna melt with coleslaw and spuds for rmb48. I have not had this dish but it looks like a heckuva deal. Plus, cheese.
  • Thursday: Two-for-one burgers. These are also pretty big, not so much so they have their own gravitational fields, but you definitely don’t want to fall on you by accident. Get the pair and I expect you’ll be asking for a doggie bag.
  • Friday: Two berry daiquiris or pina coladas for rmb50. Also, roast chicken with sides for rmb178.
  • Saturday: Get a kilo–that’s about two pounds–of Buffalo or BBQ wings for rmb75.
  • Sunday: A 400-gram steak with sides for rmb338. I saw a handful of people wolf these down. That’s a lot of steak, but if it’s done well, it goes down fast.

As for the nachos (see photo above), the deal is… wait, there is no deal on nachos!

There are also options for happy hour and for weekend brunch: I haven’t tried the latter yet but hope to soon. Get full details below.

Finally, Windy City will also be participating in World Baijiu Day. Chef Dustin Merrett will make deep-fried baijiu as well as a baijiu-inspired cocktail called Chasing the Dragon. I’ll be posting updates on this at the World Baijiu Day site.

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