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The Must Tries Series features food and drink trade people giving the top picks from their menus and from other places. Up next is Mike Signorelli of Signature Wine Club, who recommends a red and a white wine and then three restaurant options. (Want to know what the F&B trade was picking in 2011? See this “five-year flashback“.)
mike signorelli signature wine club

What is the “must try” white from Signature Wine Club?

It’s Salsus Vino Verde from Portugal. An incredibly easy wine to drink that has lower sugar and calories than the average white wine, so the health-conscious among us love this wine. It’s only 125 per bottle, so it’s also light on the wallet.

How about the “must try” red?

Our most interesting and most popular red has been Bull’s Blood from Hungary. Most people don’t know that Hungary has been making amazing wine for hundreds of years. This red blend is awesome, and the big black bottle with a bull’s head on it is awesome, too!

How about some “must try” foods and drinks around Beijing?

Hai Di Lao home delivery service. You call up, place an order, and they deliver EVERYTHING to your house. When you are done, you call them up and they remove everything, including the garbage! It’s quite possibly the greatest service in China.

Beef Nachos at Fella’s on Laiguanying Road. It’s next to WAB in Chaoyang District, not far from Shunyi. Hand-made chips with a pound of freshly made goodness on top — washed down with cold draft beer. Awesome.

Stromboli with cream cheese dip at Pie Squared. The Stromboli are delicious little belly bombs, and the dip just puts it over the top. I like to pair them with Jing-A draft beer — there are two on tap at Pie Squared.

strombolli pie squared beijing

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