New World Beijing | The Yin on 12 happy hour is awesome

I’m no regular at New World Beijing—I rarely visit hotels—but more trips are in order given the superb value of this place. I found myself there yesterday to do a China wine market presentation with a friend for some visiting college students.

I arrived just as he finished lunch: all-you-can-eat dim sum, served by a friendly wait staff in the modern Chinese surroundings of 8 Qinian restaurant, for 98 kuai net. And our presentation finished just as happy hour was starting at Yin on 12, a bar that might not rank among the fanciest in town nor have the widest selection of booze, but that offers a view of the crown jewels of Beijing’s historic sights and a superb happy hour during which our four martinis, made with house pour Beefeater, totaled 130 kuai net. In both cases, that’s impressive value for a five-star hotel.

My go-to rooftop happy hour option will remain Q Bar, atop the Eastern Inn, but if I find myself out and about and near New World, I’ll be making a stop there. The happy hour runs from 5 PM to 9 PM, seven days a week.

new world hotel happy hour beijing
Our happy hour martinis: two for 65 kuai.
new world hotel happy hour beijing (2)
An impressive view that’s be even better on a ‘blue sky’ day.
new world hotel happy hour beijing (3)
Chill out and enjoy some happy hour drinks.

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