Must Tries Series | Justin Barthélemy of Cafe de la Poste

justin barthelemy cafe de la poste must tries series beijing boyce
Justin overseeing a Maovember charity event at Cafe de la Poste.

The Must Tries Series asks restaurant and bar people in Beijing to tell us the best items from their menus as well as where they like to eat and drink. This edition features Justin Barthélemy of veteran Beixinqiao establishment Cafe de la Poste.

What’s the “must try” dish at Café de la Poste?

Definitely our signature tartare (rmb108). It’s been on the menu for almost ten years. Plus, with the kitchen team we created an innovative “trio de tartare” (rmb128), which includes classic tartare, Italian tartare (topped with basil and parmigiano cheese) and French tartare (topped with nuts and Roquefort cheese).

How about the “must try” drink?

Pastis! It’s a typical drink from the south of France. Even better, ask our bartender to serve you a “Mauresque“: Pastis with almond syrup. Exactly what you need to survive Beijing’s summer. (Note: Pastis is rmb10, Mauresque is rmb12. I’m also going to the Bell Banger beers at CdlP—ed.)

justin barthelemy cafe de la poste must tries series beijing boyce (3)

And what if someone just wants a snack?

I would choose our pork rillettes. Our “Rillettes a Papa” (rmb40) are home-made: shredded pork cooked in herbs. It’s served as a paste with toasted bread and pickles. Perfect to share before a meal with friends as an “apéro”!

How about some favorite items at other places?

Two words: Bacon cheeseburger. At Great Leap, of course. No need to have a look at the menu, I always order this one.

You have to try the couscous in Caravan: it’s all you can eat every Friday for 80RMB, and it’s damn good!

And First Immortal Double IPA from Slow Boat is a beer you shouldn’t miss!

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justin barthelemy cafe de la poste beixinqiao must tries series beijing boyce

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