Wine, food, music & fun | Mali Wine Cellar turns five in Guomao

Mali Wine Cellar celebrated five years of popping corks with an afternoon of wine, food, music and fun on Saturday. Run by the affable Ma Li, it’s one of those rare shops that has a smartly organized portfolio, with a good range of grape varieties, wine styles, regions and price points, that appeals to everyone from newcomers to imbibers desiring a daily drop at a decent price to those seeking to splurge on a special bottle.

Mali Wine Cellar carries some 500 labels, from entry-level bottles to high-end Napa, Bordeaux and Champagne options. Brands include Boschendal (South Africa), Montelena, Silver Oak and Greystone (United States), Bethany, Bogle and Glaetzer (Australia), 1421, Grace and Chandon (China), Deutz (France), Pikes (Australia), Seresin from New Zealand, Bellavista and Argiolas Costera (Italy), among many others.

This weekend’s party included a free flow of wine, platter after platter of snacks, and subdued live music that ultimately matured into a raucous sing-along session. Guests could relax inside the shop or park on the patio and deck to chat and sip wine. The anniversary party included plenty of bargains, starting from rmb300 for six bottles.

The company behind Mali formed in 2010 and opened its first shop in Guomao, near the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, before moving nearby to its present location in New Town Soho. It also lists a shop in Weiling in Zhejiang province. Get more info here.

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