BBQ & Beer | Afunti opens at Gongti

With its blend of tasty Xinjiang food, live Uighur music, belly and snake dancers, and raucous times—diners danced on their tables most every night—Afunti had a long history as a guidebook favorite and go-to for people with guests in town. Now it has taken the party to Gongti, specifically, that boat-like structure near the stadium’s southeast corner.

That boat was built just before the Olympics and, after numerous delays, opened as a German restaurant that didn’t make much of a splash and has been dormant for years. My guess is Afunti will do far better, serving as a pre-gaming and post-gaming stop with its huge kebabs, trays of beer, and more. The signage also lists live music, craft beer and, best of all, that it’s open 24 hours.

I haven’t eaten there yet—I only realized Afunti was open as I walked to Fubar last night—but two friends say the food is good, the prices reasonable. Will check it out soon.

afunti xinjiang restaurant workers stadium beijing china (3)

afunti xinjiang restaurant workers stadium beijing china (2)

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  1. having eaten at the old Afunti a number of times, was sad to see it go & was wondering if this was in fact by the same people, definitely want to give it a try.

  2. There used to be a Xinjiang restaurant named Afunti not far from Chaoyangmen several years ago. I wonder if it the same place? It was always fun, although a tad bit expensive.

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