Jungle fever | Tiki + Pop-Up = WildAid fundraiser next Tuesday

By Jim Boyce | Pop-Up Beijing has sported a safari theme all month long, with hanging vines and inflatable monkeys and all kinds of events. In that spirit, it will team with Bungalow Tiki Bar next Tuesday for a fundraiser to support WildAid China and its mission to stop illegal wildlife trade, says co-owner / former opera singer Glenn Schuitmann.

What does that mean?

  • Wild jungle punches and jungle beats,” says Schuitmann. My guess is the former will come courtesy of Team Bungalow and, if experience is any guide, pack a baijiu-level kick. And that the latter will encourage inebriated guests to eventually start swinging from the dozen of so chandeliers at Pop-Up. Good times!
  • A screening of Mogambo, the last in a series of safari-themed movies at Pop-Up, one that features Clark Gable and Ava Gardner, a love triangle, a “Battle of the Gorillas!” and, I’m guessing, the shooting of some animals in a very non-WildAid Way. See, this is what you *shouldn’t* do, even if you *are* Clark Gable.
  • And a raffle for a gift basket with over a dozen items from “the sublime to the ridiculous”, including two wacky Bungalow cocktail mugs, two bottles of plantation rum, an inflatable flamingo, an iguana-shaped cushion, a jade pendant, and plenty more. The haul totals about rmb2500, says Schuitmann (see pic below).

That’s Tuesday, July 26, with the movie at 7 PM and, I predict, the chandelier swinging and inflatable monkey punching at 1o PM. Raffle tickets are 10 kuai. For more details, see here. For a map of Pop-Up Beijing, see here.

pop-up beijing bungalow tiki bar fundraiser for wildaid china

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