Crayfish are the new Pikachus | CHEERS opens in Shuangjing

By Jim Boyce | CHEERS continued its happy march forward today with the official opening of a shop in Shuangjing. That inches the company close to 20 outlets in Beijing to go along with about an equal number in cities scattered across the country.

The new shop is near Lily’s American Diner, puting comfort food close at hand, although anyone spending over rmb100 today not only got a 20 percent discount but also a box of crayfish. I must admit, that’s the first time I’ve seen that particular deal. The poster below suggests the semi-sweet sparkling wine Marquis Bernard as a pairing, a bottle that did quite well in last year’s Grape Wall Challenge.

CHEERS also recently leveraged the recent Pokemon craze to draw wine fans. But given that promotion preceded the one today in Shuangjing, I think it’s safe to say that the crayfish are the new Pikachus.

cheers wine shuangjing shop beijing crayfish deal

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