It’s all in the reflexes | Baijiu, Baozza and Big Trouble in Beijing

By Jim Boyce | Get ready for baijiu, baozza and Big Trouble in Beijing on August 9. Here’s the lineup of Q Bar festivities for World Baijiu Day.


Starting from 6:30 PM, try ~10 ml tasters of Taizi from New Zealand, byejoe (regular and infused) and Confucius Wisdom from the United States, and Jiangxianghe, Yimuquan and a 1995-2005 blend from China.

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Q Bar owner George Zhou and bartender Jacky Pi have created a couple of cocktails for the occasion. The BaiGeorge includes Grand Marnier, Blue Caracao, fresh ginger and lime, while the JackyJiu has grapefuit syrup, passion fruit juice and Galiano.

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Beijing’s newest fusion comfort food is known as Baozza and features a combination of baozi and pizza. The guys from the company of the same name will be on hand with their steamer and tasty treats on World Baijiu Day.

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At 8 PM, we’ll kick back with a few beverages and watch the classic action comedy Big Trouble in Little China, teaming teams Jack Burton and Wang Chi for adventures beneath San Francisco’s Chinatown. It’s electrifying.

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Get the baijiu tasting, two baozza and one cocktail for rmb50. Extra baozza are rmb10 each while extra cocktails are rmb30 each.

See the full poster below. Let us know if you’re coming! Email spirit (at) or contact ‘beijingboyce’ on weixin.

Q Bar is atop Chang’An Business Hotel, (map below). It’s at the corner of Sanlitun South Road and Workers Stadium South Road, 50 meters south of Beer Mania.

And remember people, it’s all in the reflexes.

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