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Cat poop coffee is now available in Sanlitun Soho as the newest branch Kafeluka Coffee has opened its doors. The java in question is kopi luwak and the end result of civets eating coffee “cherries” and then, after all manner of fermentation and enzyme action occurs during an intestinal journey, crapping the beans to the delight of eager collectors. As noted before, I love the company tagline: “Sincerely serve you a cup of awesome Kafeluka Coffee”. Because no one likes insincere cat poop coffee servers. No one!

Meanwhile, Beixinqiao-area Moroccan restaurant and rum bar Cuju is now named Gulu Bazz, with a focus on ports, marsala, vermouth and the like. You can still get rum at sibling establishment Caravan.

There Will Be Bread has opened on Xingfucun Middle Road, same strip as O’Steak, and looks to be a work of passion, complete with cinnamon buns. Word is the second floor will become an Airbnb space.

And the Traitor Zhou’s just out front of Migas has discounts of 20 percent to 35 percent on most of its wines, rums, whiskys and other booze labels. Grab a bottle of that Drappier.

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