Money roll | Baozza says let them eat cash

By Jim Boyce | The guys at Baozza are kicking off Chinese New Year early with a special treat. I picked up my order yesterday and opened it at home to find a red mystery in my midst.

What might it be? A dessert baozza? A promo paper weight / fridge magnet / door stopper? A freakish accident that made it past quality control? Turns out it is a HongBaozza. And breaking it open revealed a crisp 10-kuai note safely sealed in a plastic wrapper. Nice!

Then I mowed down my four-item set. The Hawaiian baoza offers a most excellent textural and taste combo of pineapple, ham, cheese and jalapeno, with just enough of the latter to keep spice fans happy while not turning off those with more sensitive palates. Meanwhile, the Meat Lover’s baozza nicely melts cheese into ground beef. These are both so much better since Baozza upped the filling-to-bread ratio.

I also had the caprese salad, which was fresh and tasty with perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes. And the roasted tomato soup hit the spot on a winter’s day, although it could use less salt and more basil, in my humble opinion.

Two baozza, a soup and a salad for 35 kuai—that’s solid value. Even better given the 10 kuai in my HongBaozza. By the way, look for these guys to close from January 21 to February 5 for Chinese New Year, so get your baozza fix before then.

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