Xiao Bar’s space | World Beer Bottle Museum to open in Beijing

World Beer Bottle Museum in Beijing (Pic: N Beer Pub)

By Jim Boyce | If you know Xiao Biar, you know he loves beer. Even before he got involved with N Beer Pub, he stocked over one hundred craft beers from around the world in Passby Bar, a veteran drinking den that has served the thirsty in our city since 1999.

Xiao Biar has really gotten into craft beer during the past decade. He now has over 7000 bottles from over 70 nations. In other words, he’s added about two unique labels per day on average. Now he’s putting them on display side by side with the new N Beer Pub that officially opens this Saturday in Wukesong.

Expect to find labels hailing from Sweden, Cyprus and Singapore, from Israel, Iceland and from India to Kenya, Cambodia and South Korea. I guess this also means he now has a lot more room in his apartment.

Xiao Biar  World Beer Bottle Museum Beijing
World Beer Bottle Museum in Beijing (Pic: N Beer Pub)

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