Biddy up | Pop-Up to auction Tanghulu the horse this Saturday

By Jim Boyce | If you’ve dreamed of owning a two-meter high fiberglass horse, then mark Saturday on your calendar. Tanghulu, the unofficial mascot of Pop-Up Beijing, will be auctioned that day as part of the two-year anniversary of Pop-Up, the interior design shop founded by Glenn Schuitman and Vito Zhang in 2015. It was either that or turn the horse into glue, Schuitman might have said.

Tanghulu’s isn’t the only item being auctioned. Other items include dinner with Team Pop-Up, antique Chinese furniture, a hand-carved desk and “mystery artwork”. Proceeds go to the China Red Ribbon Foundation.

The auction starts at 8:30 PM with Schuitman as emcee, Mr Chris as auctioneer and lots of people as drinkers given that happy hour is being extended for the entire day.

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