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By Jim Boyce | Migas pulls a Kübler-Ross and subjects us to five stages of brunch grief, from denial through bargaining through acceptance, each time it changes up its weekend menu. But what doesn’t kill you—the end of the el asador brunch (photos below) came close—makes you stronger, right? In the case of Migas’ brunches, it also makes you fatter and happier.

Migas will launch a new brunch this weekend. It’s called “La Feria” and inspired by the festival held in the southern Spanish city of Seville each April. Migas says the festival pretty much has three goals: to celebrate the arrival of warm weather, to stuff your face with delicious food and drink, and to dance in colorful tents while wearing even more colorful costumes.

Let’s get back to point number two.

True to form, this new brunch offers a slew of food options. They include montadito (open-faced sandwiches topped with items like ham, cheese and Migas’ very own sausage), bandeja de pescaito (plates of deep-fried seafood) and paella (a rice-based dish cooked in a shallow pan, with options from vegetarian to seafood). There will be tapas such as garlic prawns, croquettes and flamenquines—shaved ham wrapped in pork loin then battered and fried. Plus a salad station, chilled soups like gazpacho, and desserts such as churros and candy floss.

Rebujitos head the drink list. Check this out:

The Rebujito is extremely popular in the area around Seville, Spain, namely during Feria del Caballo, also known as Feria del Jerez (which translates to horse fair and sherry fair, respectively), an Andalusian-area festival held in the late spring. Originally, these festivals started as cattle markets where vendors entertained clients with drinks and dancing. Over time, the cattle deals halted, but the party remained, making way for the Rebujito.

The name of the drink stems from the Spanish verb arrebujar, which can mean “to jumble up,” or mix up. That’s what this libation does in the simplest way possible: Mix equal parts sherry (Fino, a dry sherry, is commonly used) with lemon-lime soda over ice, garnished with a lemon wedge. It’s quick, refreshing and a wonderful display of the mixability of sherry. Using this simple formula, one can expand the drink to encompass an array of citrus fruits, flavored syrups and fresh herbs to create a Rebujito-inspired cocktail that is a hit regardless of the temperature or season. For fall, I’ve modified the recipe to include cinnamon syrup and rosemary.

Migas’ version of the rebujito will have a herbal twist with peppermint. There will also be Sangria, Spanish wine, beer and dry Sherry by the glass.

Brunch is 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Saturday and Sunday, and is rmb268 per person. An extra rmb148  gets you two hours of free-flow drinks,  including those listed above and coffee, tea and sodas. RSVP via 5208-6061.

Location details: Migas, 6F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun North Street Chaoyang District, Beijing / 北京市朝阳区三里屯北街81号那里花园6层

As promised, here are photos of the former el asador brunch:

Migas Beijing El Asador Brunch

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