Patty Power | Sherpa’s + Common = Bulk Burger Deal

By Jim Boyce | The Hatchery and Sherpa’s have teamed up on a bulk burger deal. I have yet to try Common Burger, the newest project at The Hatchery, but have heard good things and this special sounds pretty nice.

Order five Common burgers and your bill is rmb250, or rmb50 per burger, instead of rmb285. Ho hum, you might say, that’s not a huge discount. That’s why you should order ten burgers. In that case, your bill is rmb400, or rmb40 per burger, a superior special—as long as you have enough friends with which to share.

That deal covers five burger options: Classic (with a New Zealand beef patty), Gatsby (fried chicken patty), Jamaican Me Jerk (featuring Gail’s jerk chicken), Beached As (battered filet of hoki, a fish found off the coasts of New Zealand and Australia) and Mowgli (your vegetarian option).

If you want to get fancy and order stuff like the Mate Burger, the Stout and Bacon Cheeseburger, or Yea Nah, Bro Burger with New Zealand venison, it’s rmb325 for five or rmb600 for ten. Scan this QR code to order.

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