No Contest | Where Have The Beijinger Restaurant Awards Gone?

By Jim Boyce | Has something felt amiss in the city’s restaurant world? Perhaps its axis or center of gravity has been slightly off? Or it seems lighter than usual, especially when it comes to your inbox? That’s because The Beijinger’s annual restaurant awards have usually come and gone by now but were instead canceled after a 13-year run.

“After doing this for more than a decade, the format is just getting tiresome,” says Mike Wester of True Run Media, the company behind The Beijinger. He noted that many other English- and Chinese-language media outlets have similar programs, often at the same time of year.

“Readers and F&B outlets alike are beginning to complain about the endless balloting from multiple contests,” he said. “It’s fatiguing from all sides.”

“We’ve decided to postpone ours for a while to rethink the purpose and the methodology to make sure it stays fresh,” he added. “Look for a revised format for the whole affair some time in the second half of the year.”

Wester says he still plans to hold the annual bars and clubs awards this summer and major projects such as The Burger Cup and The Pizza Cup are very much in play.

Zero, Mike Wester of The Beijinger and Scharodrick Jackson
‘Zero’, Mike Wester and Scharodrick Jackson at the 2011 awards.

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