Stefano in Soho | Bye Bye Aperitivo, Hello Aperitwovo

By Jim Boyce | Sanlitun bars with a dozen-plus years under their belts are few and far between. And the ranks just shrank a bit more now that Aperitivo, just south of Tongli Studio, is gutted. But fans can take heart given that owner Stefano Fin will open a new Aperitivo just a short walk away in Sanlitun Soho.

The venues across the street from Tongli Studio and Aperitivo were bricked up last week. But while they tended to be on the seedy side, Aperitivo had long offered a spacious deck (protected by a barricade of plants), decent alcohol and, as noted by more than a few female friends, spotless bathrooms. In fact, few things put owner Fin into a rage more than if someone messed with his toilets.

Anyway, Fin says he expects the new Aperitivo to open by month’s end. You’ll find it on the first floor of the southwest building in SOHO, close to Doner Kebab and just above Don Chicken et al.

You know what would be even cooler? If Sasha Unkovic—who, when I first moved in Beijing, was running Kiosk nearby and was an Aperitivo regulardid a one-day Serbian burger pop-up at the new place! Fingers crossed. Here are a few pics from the new site:

(Hat tip: Mr Bubbles)

Aperitivo by Stefano Fin in Sanlitun Soho

Aperitivo by Stefano Fin in Sanlitun Soho

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