Hockey Night in Beijing | Sixth Annual Tourney this Saturday

By Jim Boyce | As Beijing slides into sweaty weather, get soothing relief by staring at a sheet of ice filled with high-flying hockey players. It happens this Saturday as CanLife holds its sixth annual Hockey Night in Beijing:

This is also a special year for the founding nations of HNIB: it’s Canada’s 150th birthday and Finland’s 100th year of independence. So, come join Beijing’s top amateur hockey players in a day celebrating the great game of hockey and international friendship!

(And let’s not forget the centennial season of the Toronto Maple Leafs.)

This year’s HNIB is at Hokay Arena Maquanying, with the U.S. taking on Planet Earth at 1 PM and Canada facing Planet Finland at 5 PM. (Have you met anyone from Finland? They are not of our world.) Let’s hope that Canada-Finland game sees the players do shots of Crown Royal and Salmiakki between periods. It only seems right.

Tickets for the “Fan Zone”, with lots of activities plus food and drink from Fella’s, Irish Volunteer and Pie Squared, are rmb20. If you want to watch the game, too, the ticket is rmb100, including the “Fan Zone”, but YOU MUST BUY IT AHEAD OF TIME. THERE ARE NO GAME TICKETS AT THE DOOR. Get yours at The Irish Volunteer—if you’re hungry, order the Canadian pizza, it’s pretty good. Also, keep your ticket stub because there is a raffle for some sweet prizes, including a round-trip Beijing-Canada flight from Air Canada. See more details here.

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