Encore? | Element Fresh Did a Tasty Wine Buffet. We Need Another

California Wine Institute and Element Fresh Wine Buffet

By Jim Boyce | I recently wrote about a six-week campaign by Element Fresh and California Wine Institute to promote labels from The Golden State. In short, all 38 Element Fresh outlets in China are listing a bunch of California wines by the glass and even more—about 30—by the bottle. It wraps up on May 31.

Element Fresh in Sanlitun took it a step further last Thursday with a wine buffet. Customers paid rmb99 and could indulge in six wines and a range of snacks from 6 PM to 7:30 PM.

For my money, the white wines were best, with Fess Parker Riesling my favorite. For reds, the Beringer Zinfandel inspired the most appreciation. Given that price, and a nice spread of cold cuts, cheeses, veggies, fruits, crackers and more, everyone was happy. Hopefully, this event is held at least once more before the promotion ends: I’ll update if I get any news.

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