Full house | Check out the Mayweather-MacGregor crowd at Paddy O’Shea’s

Paddy O'Shea's MacGregor Mayweather

By Jim Boyce | I just posted about the community created by sports bar Paddy O’Shea’s. A major slice of that community came out to watch the recent Floyd Mayweather-Connor MacGregor fight and led to what co-owner Paul Rochon says was one of the bar’s biggest and craziest days. This initial photo might show a modest crowd but was taken about 6 AM, more than five hours before the title fight took place:

That’s one way to guarantee a good seat. And it was needed because by about 9 AM, still more than two hours before Mayweather and MacGregor squared off, the place was heaving inside and spectators were piling up outside:

Fortunately, Paddy’s had a bar and a big screen out there. Oh, and the place also had these flesh-colored T-shirts inspired by Connor MacGregor’s tattoos. The perfect birthday gift for Mom.

Yep, it was busy inside:

And out:

Just another crazy day, and fashion statement, at Paddy O’Shea’s:

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