Valentine’s Day 2019 | Candy hearts, China-style

Some sad Valentine’s Day-related news last year when veteran candy hearts maker Necco went out of business after 171 years. That bitter ending has a somewhat sweet followup as fellow producer Spangler bought the company in an auction and the candy hearts—known as sweethearts or conversation hearts and embossed with “Be Mine”, “I Love You” and the like—will go on. (Also, see out this story about the 19th-century pharmacist who helped create the U.S. candy trade.)

Anyway, in the spirit on Valentine’s Day, here are some sweethearts, with a China twist. The ambitious can also get into the kitchen and make the edible kind, with plenty of recipes online, though I’m still preoccupied with making microwave salt ‘n’ vinegar chips.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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