Drink twice | Paddy O’Shea’s to double in size

(I was out and about during the May 1 holidays. This is one of a series of updates originally posted on my WeChat account.)

If you see two Paddy O’Shea’s in June, it’s not because you drank one too Guinness, but because this place is doubling in size after taking over the place next door, or what co-owner Mathieu Herrot jokingly calls “Paddy’s East”.

The new space will add nearly 200 square meters of party potential and include a large open kitchen, second bar, and balcony and lounge areas, all connected to the original Paddy’s.

Look for Paddy’s to start offering Japanese food, courtesy of Fukurou upstairs, to go along with Indian fare from Ganges and the bar’s own Western comfort food. Irish poutine 4evah!

Paddy’s has been eyeing this space, which I first recall as A-Che Cuban restaurant or maybe an Italian joint more than a decade ago, and will make one of the city’s busiest bars even better.

More details soon. And thanks to Team Paddy for the sneak peak. I look forward to returning and taking photos below in these same spots once renovations are done.

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