Life of Pi | Veggie shop turned hutong-style bar

(I was out and about during the May 1 holidays. This is one of a series of updates originally posted on my WeChat account.)

Pi Bar was not officially open but already showed great potential when I visited on May 1. With its dog-leg design, high angled wood beam ceiling, retro furniture and eclectic touches, this former vegetable shop gave off rustic and relaxed vibes. I’m not a fan of Christmas lights as decorations, but the overall idea is good.

Pi Bar is run by two sisters and the menu was (is?) a work in progress, a bartender / consultant doing training during my visit.

While the menu listed about 10 cocktails, I opted for two baijiu infusions instead. The first was yang mei (bayberry) flavor, from Zheijang, a sweet and sour tipple with 11% alcohol. (It might also be nice over ice, maybe with some kind of soda? Just an idea.) The other was plum flavor, from Yunnan, and more balanced and punchier, with 30% alcohol. I’d go for that second one next time.

Anyway, Pi is open from 4 PM daily except Monday. You can find it at the western end of the street just past Taikooli Village North.

Thanks to Mr Salty for the tip (and two pics) about this bar, named after the book Life of Pi.

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