Craic to the future | Ten things to expect at Paddy’s East

Update: Paddy O’Shea’s has announced lots of free stuff for the launch party. 8 PM: Welcome frozen margaritas and giant pizza; 9 PM: Ten big bottles of sake plus Japanese snacks from Izakara Fukurou (customers will now be able to order Izakara Fukurou food at the bar); 10 PM: A keg of Zeffer cider and of Stone IPA; 11 PM: 30 bottles of Prosecco; and 12 AM” Jameson shots and goodies.

I’ve posted plenty about sports bar Paddy O’Shea’s these past few years, from its sponsorship of over ten local teams to its support for charities to free brilliant marketing advice.

Now I can finally post on something that I never thought would happen, namely, Paddy’s expanding into the space next door that for a decade-plus has been a series of sub-par bars and restaurants and lulled me into believing that was Situation Forever.

Yes, it happened: the perpetually packed Paddy’s took over that visibly vacant venue and the official launch party is this Friday. Here are ten things to expect from the expansion aka Paddy’s East.

  1. The Paddy O’Empire will now have an extra 200 square meters of space, including a balcony.
  2. That balcony will have leather (fancy!) sofas and tables and can be reserved. In other words it’s a V I o’P area.
  3. The number of screens will increase by 50 percent — from 16 to 24 — including a huge new one.
  4. Paddy’s East can be isolated for parties or when two hugely popular sports events conflict, like the finals of curling and hurling.
  5. It will also have a bar that can reached from outside, meaning less squirming through the crowd to fetch drinks.
  6. A new beer system was imported from the U.S. and that will mean “extremely fresh beer”, says co-owner Paul Rochon. Expect 11 beers and 3 ciders on draft on that system.
  7. Along with dishes from Ganges, Baozza and Paddy’s, patrons will be able to order from Japanese restaurant Fukurou upstairs.
  8. Speaking of kitchens, expect a full revamp of Paddy O’Shea’s own, with a menu available in time for the Rugby World Cup.
  9. New toilets! That means a fresher cleaner experience when you need to Paddy O’Pee or O’Poo.
  10. Finally, says Rochon, “two times the craic.”

There is more, including plans for wall zones dedicated to sports teams sponsored by Paddy’s, but the ten points above a pretty good start, eh? Check it out this Friday.

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