Spark Plugs! Cafe de la Poste reopens Friday

Look for Beixinqiao bar veteran Cafe de la Poste to reopen this Friday, August 30. That area of town has undergone an intense ‘beautification’ project this summer but CdlP endured throughout most of it. Even as backhoes swung about out front and hammer drills did their hammer drilling, this place kept the party going. If you’re part of CdlP’s WeChat group, then you’ve received a steady stream of shenanigans these past few months.

CdlP finally shut down a few weeks ago for its own renovations and will emerge with a look that incorporates its traditional burgundy colors and high tables–that have held many a dancer–with an open and airier feel up front. Plus that brand new harmonized facade. If you’re hankering for a Spark Plug aka Coffee Shot (Espresso, vodka and Kahlua), that wait is almost over.

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