An eight-hour tour | Past Tiki Bungalow owners do pop-up

Crazy! It took eight hours to reach home from Beijing airport Saturday night. Then again, that was probably to be expected as I went directly from Terminal 3 to Tiki Bungalow for a pop-up featuring two of the original owners, Phil Tory and Peter Carey, with Oliver Davies currently abroad. I arrived at the bar just after 10 PM and finally headed home around 4:30 AM after a dimsum breakfast.

In between, I had a Fay Wray, Honi Honi, Davey Jone’s Locker, Three Dots and a Dash and Scofflaw plus shared a volcano bowl. Good times! And one positive about such a night is all the vitamin C. No scurvy for me.

It was also fun to talk about the “old days“, before Tiki opened in its current location and changed hands. Like when it was two doors down from Knights and Merchants and we witnessed lots of late-night shenanigans with replica swords. Or the time we organized a Magnum P.I.-themed charity event. Or the time the guys made a special cocktail for World Baijiu Day.

Both Tory and Carey seemed happy with how the current owners of The Tiki Bungalow were carrying on the bar’s legacy, including the focus on drink quality. And the Tiki Bungalow empire is expanding with the addition of a place called Three Dots and a Dash — that’s morse code for “victory” — in Shuangjing.

Here are a bunch of photos from last night.

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