Paddy O’Play’s | Join Beijing’s premier Premier League campaign

By Jim Boyce | Which bar almost certainly has the best Premier League fantasy crew in the city, probably the nation, possibly the planet and potentially the universe? It’s Paddy O’Shea’s and manager Paul is now preparing for this year’s upcoming campaign.

The “Paddy O’League” had ~150 players last year, many of them shifting rosters, contemplating captain choices, and debating the merits of Harry Kane and Riyad Mahrez on a weekly basis. The goal was not only to win the overall title for the 38-week campaign but also to win one of the five weekly prizes, including a rmb300 Paddy’s voucher. (This year’s prizes will soon be announced.)

The beauty of the league is that even if your team sucks one week (thanks a lot Aguero!), you could crash the party the next week to win that voucher. Might I suggest spending it during Crazy Irish Hour?

Anyway, if you are a fan of Paddy O’Shea’s, football, free booze or the chance to call other people lucky wankers (the league has a WeChat group), you best sign up.

To do so, register at the Premier League site—see here. Have an account? Log in here and pick your squad under “My Team” (you can already change your players later).

Then click “Leagues” and “Create and join new leagues.” You’re basically at the stadium gates now and just need to hand over your ticket.

Click “Join a league“, then “Join a private league”, then insert Paddy’s code (581421-167522) and you’re in.

Even if you don’t know much about football or find the sport as exciting as a dirty mug of lukewarm Yanjing, it is still fun to pick a squad and chat with other managers. Even a football novice like me sees my team, TaterTottenHamNCheez, win the occasional prize.

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