Got a good beet | Soul Bowls featured as Jing-A now open weekdays for lunch

By Jim Boyce | The era of Team Jing-A spending long afternoons loafing in the taproom and guzzling beer and gulping grilled cheese and chewing over wacky ideas while the thirsty masses wait for the 5 PM opening is done like dinosaurs. Starting today, the taproom is open weekdays for lunch and has marked the move with a two-week tie-up with Soul Bowls. Pick and choose from among a handful of salads and several sandwich options, add a coffee or tea, then either settle in at Jing-A or hike back to your office. I went today and now feel… healthy.

Sandwiches cost rmb30 while salads are rmb12 per 100 grams—Jing-A marketing ninja guru pundit helmsman Richard Ammerman heaped praised on the beetroot and feta concoction and I must concur. The Good Works cold-brewed coffee is a nice cap to lunch although those with fewer afternoon duties can enjoy Jing-A beers at rmb10 off. My sandwich, medley of four salads and cold-brewed coffee—see photo below—cost rmb74.

When the 1949 complex opened nearly a decade ago, this space served as Sugar Bar and as a good work / meeting spot, so Jing-A should have no problem drawing a crowd given its large following and the success of nearby venues such as Moka Bros. Soul Bowls lunch is available weekdays, except holidays, through September 30. Try that beetroot salad.


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