Jing-Er | The Unofficial Guide to Jing-A Taproom’s Second Beerthday

By Jim Boyce | Jing-A Taproom turns two this Friday night with a slew of staggered specials that will inspire you to repeatedly stay for “just one more hour”. Here is an unofficial event guide, complete with notes on corn dog nomenclature and the nutritional properties of sweet potato fries. By the way, this party will likely draw a huge crowd, so if you’re a Jing-A fan, you best reserve seats via 6501-8883 or the contact section here.

jing-a suan ge pi sour beer beijing china
5 PM to 6 PM

“Get a bonus beer, our choice, with every pint.”

Risky situation. Get a few pints ahead too early and the next place you find yourself is at XL facing Beijing’s most dangerous bartender at 2 AM and then pants-less and guzzling house wine at Cafe de la Poste at 6 AM. Then again, that’s the stuff of which fond memories are made.

Anyway, order a Flying Fist IPA and Jing-A might well give you a Qu Brew, the tasty baijiu-inspired beer it made for World Baijiu Day. Or order Koji Red Ale and you could get—hey!—another tasty Qu Brew. To give yet another example, order Hutong Clan and you might get—what’s this!?—more tasty Qu Brew! Have you tried the Qu Brew? No? You should. It’s tasty.

6 PM to 7 PM

“Stay Classy. 40 RMB for All Wine + Free Olives”

Risky situation two: why would I return to drinking craft beer after enjoying an hour of enticing tipples like Paxton AAA Shiraz-Grenache from Australia or Walnut Block Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand? Kidding, just kidding.

Both are organic wines and imported by Nick van der Leeuwen and Ross Tan—pictured above, staying classy—of Australian Natural. They’ll warm up your palate for the night ahead.

Plus, free olives.

7 PM to 8 PM

“Free Big Smoke Mini Corn Dog with Any Beer”

This should be “Stay Classy II” given Big Smoke manager Connor Brennan will serve those dogs and he used to work at an etiquette school. (Tip: extend pinky whilst eating.) Brennan and I had a long talk today about corn dog nomenclature and agreed the mini version should be called a “corn puppy”. AP Stylebook editors, please note. By the way, The Big Smoke was the initial brewing base of Jing-A beer and still sells a ton of the stuff.

8 PM to 9 PM

“Jameson Mandarin Sour by BBC for Just rmb30”

This further solidifies Jameson’s lead for this year’s “booze company with a BIG promotion budget” award. Nice that it involves BBC—Boot, Bottle & Cigar—as I remember Jing-A beer being delivered there from neighbor Big Smoke even in the earliest days. Harmonious. By the way, if you have a finicky drinker in your group, you might want to grab an extra Paxton red just before 8 PM as backup.

9 PM to 10 PM

“Free sweet potato fries with any stein of beer

Buy a liter of beer, get a side order of sweet potato fries. Buy two liters of beer, get two side orders of fries. That’s easy math even if you have been at it since 5 PM. Plus sweet potatoes are loaded with goodness, including beta carotene, vitamins A, C and B-6, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and manganese. (Beetroot is also healthy.)

I didn’t have a photo of sweet potato fries so instead enjoy this one of my pal The Rauch Potato posing in Nan Lu Guo Xiang as part of her going-away party five years ago today. Miss ya, Mags!

jing-a chili night wednesday beijing china.jpg
10 PM to 11 PM

“Beergaritaville! 30 RMB for Beergaritas”

You know those people nodding off at your table around this time? A bit of icy drink down their backs is the perfect wake-up call. Which makes this perfect timing for Beergaritas, the Jing-A version of smelling salts, at a heckuva price. Plus, as the nice weather winds down, we need to make the most of our frozen cocktail opportunities. I didn’t have a photo of the margaritas, either, so here’s one of the Wednesday night rmb30 chili special. When the winter chill hits Beijing, try it with the Guizhou Smoked Chili Porter.

11 PM to Midnight

“Happy Beerthday! Happy Hour on All Beers”

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to put aside the shenanigans and settle down with a favorite brew or two. Like the Qu Brew. (Did I mention the Qu Brew? It’s sour and refreshing and delicious and perfect for the end of summer.) Or perhaps a Black Velvet Vanilla Stout, arguably Jing-A’s best “core” beer. A quality finish.

jane cui bartender xl bar and restaurant beijing china
Midnight to 1 AM

“Sober Up, 50% off on Watson’s Soda Water”

Did someone say XL?

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