Go Zhou! | Nearby The Tree to become new Groovy Schiller’s

Veteran bar man Jack Zhou, who got his start at The Tree and then co-opened venues such as Shooters, 1F, The Bar and Groovy Schiller’s, has taken over Nearby the Tree just behind Yashow Market and will give it a German twist. When Groovy Schiller’s closed about six months ago after a twenty-year run, Zhou spent months searching for a place in the same area of town, near Liangma River to reopen. But with venue options limited, he has now decided to reconnect with his first boss, Patrick De Smet of The Tree empire, and take over Nearby the Tree. Last night was the unofficial opening, with a name change to Groovy Schiller’s and some fine-tuning of the decor to come. The place has already given up its pizzas for German fare, such as sausages, and those massive pork knuckles that wowed patrons at the original spot should be available as of next week. More on the new Groovy Schiller’s soon…

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