Street eats | Ten videos of tasty Chinese snacks

Many people are wary of street food in China and talk of sub-par ingredients, poor sanitary conditions and gutter grease. I get all that but simply can’t resist from indulging in the occasional takeaway jianbing, stinky tofu order or malatang session. As the Chinese New Year holidays continue, a look at street food vendors across the country doing their thing.

Meat on a stick. You’ll find that one most everywhere. Watch these two guys do their chuanr (kebab) magic in Lanzhou.

Stinky tofu isn’t everyone’s cup of stench but I love it. Here’s some fine-looking cho dofu in Wuhan.

There is a buffet’s worth of Beijing foods in this video, including jianbing (pancake).

Popcorn cannon? Boom!

This guy in Chongqing has some wicked noodle-making and handling skills.

See the deft hand movements of this woman making breakfast in Dali.

A noodle dish whipped together near a construction site in Shanghai.

The crowd is mesmerized by this candy blower in Xi’an.

A compilation of street foods in Dalian.

Check out these rou jia mo a.k.a. Chinese hamburgers.

Finally, there’s nothing quite like a malatang session, like this one in Beijing.

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