Easy as pie | Ramo holds ‘Homegrown Pizza Challenge’

Ramo Pizza Fangjia Hutong Beijing

By Jim Boyce | Fangjia Hutong restaurant & bar Ramostill open via its side door—is holding a “Homegrown Pizza Challenge“. Customers submit ideas for a tasty pizza and those that pique the curiosity of Team Ramo get listed for a full month. Even better, if your pie is featured, you can enjoy up to ten of them in the restaurant during your month (with drink purchase). And all of entries will eventually be judged, with the winner making the official menu.

Want to participate? Send your recipe, and explain why it is awesome the weixin account RAMO餐吧. Want to eat? Drop by and try a pie, with armb10 discount weekdays from 3 PM to 7 PM.

(Someone needs to suggest a crust topped with a tangy tomato base, a cheddar-heavy combo of four cheeses and scattered mini Cannon burgers.)

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