Party, eh | CCBC holds Canada Day bash in Beijing

CCBC Canada Day Party Beijing 2017 Nancy and the Fantastics

By Jim Boyce | CCBC organized a Canada Day party in Beijing on Sunday and provided a warm-up for the nation’s 150th birthday this coming Saturday, July 1. Live music, food and drink, and a huge birthday cake featured during the day.

Highlights included 4 Corners poutine topped with Montreal-style smoked meat, an energetic gig by Nancy & The Fantastics to end the day, and a handful of tables with Canadian wines. My favorite tipples: Tawse and Malivoire Chardonnays from Ontario, Bench 775 Pinot Gris from British Columbia, and, as a palate cleanser, 20-kuai Asahi draft from Fella’s.

It would have been nice to see Canadian craft beer pub Out of Step extend their base from Sanlitun to the Canadian International School for a day. And I don’t get why there isn’t more Canadian music played at these things—a few too many UK and US tunes. But, as they say in Quebec, c’est la vie.

And it was good to run into some Canadian F&B people I haven’t seen in ages, like Joel Shuchat of Orchid Hotel and Simon Gauthier of former A Food Affaire.

Anyway, some photos from the event. And I’ll post soon if I hear details of any Canada Day activities slated for Beijing this Saturday.

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