Straight Spirit | New Central Park booze shop opens Tuesday

By Jim Boyce | Hundreds of whiskeys, gins, vodkas and rums. A trio of barrel-aged cocktails. Space for classes, tastings and plain ol’ drinkin’. Expect that and more from Straight Spirit, a booze shop that will “soft open” in Central Park on Tuesday.

The shop is a team effort by Ah Jian (The Bar, 2F, Shooters), Wilfred Kwok (Glen, Oden) and Glenn Schuitman (Pop-Up Beijing), among others. Schuitman says the goal is to provide a wide range of authentic spirits at fair retail prices, with options that span entry-level labels to high-end products tagged up to rmb10,000. The focus is whiskey, with 200-plus options, but there will also be smaller selections of vodka, rum, gin and other spirits as well as two wine fridges—one for reds and one for whites.

While Straight Spirit won’t be a fully functioning bar, it will offer barrel-aged cocktails. The menu will start with Negronis, Sazeracs and Old-Fashioneds, and gradually built to nine options. Customers are also free to crack open their bottles on the spot. Along with a communal table that seats 15 people, there will be smaller tables with space for two to three imbibers each.

Straight Spirit is close to Jenny Lou’s in Central Park and will open daily from 11 AM to 11 PM. The owners will take turns as hosts at the shop, with an official opening to be held after Chinese New Year.

Note: The photo shows Ah Jian as guest bartender last night at Glen Bar on Sanlitun South Road. He and Schuitman will also be at Glen this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, from 8 PM to 2 AM.

Straight Spirit / 直人烈酒商店, Building 26, Room 103A, Central Park / 北京市朝阳区朝阳门外大街6号新城国际26号楼103A底商.

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