Beyond aperitivo | Mimi e Coco to reopen Wednesday, feature apericena

By Jim Boyce | The casualties of the Fangjia Hutong bricking last year included restaurant / bar Ramo and sibling / speakeasy Mimi e Coco. Ramo has since reopened in all its funky glory in an even better space—the former Peter’s Tex-Mex—in Lido. And equally cool Mimi e Coco is set to follow, one floor up, on Wednesday.

Owner Paca Lee is using this “soft opening” to introduce a new concept: apericena. Where aperitivo is the Italian tradition of after-work snacks and drinks—think Aperol spritz or white wine—as a warm-up for dinner, apericena is its weightier cousin, one that includes a relatively inexpensive buffet to keep customers around much longer.

The first apericena will be held Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The buffet will include marinara pizza, hummus, veggies, focaccia, frittata (akin to quiche), pasta al forno (baked pasta), torta fritta (fried dough), baked mashed potatoes and more. It’s rmb118 per person and includes a drink. If the idea works, look for apericena to be a fixture.

Mimi e Coco is in the former Peter’s Tex-Mex, near the Japanese school, in Lido. 将台西路9-2号 Ramo餐厅二楼. 6436-1299. See below for a map and some photos.

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