Best Job in the World? A one-minute 2009 Beijing video flashback

By Jim Boyce | Ten years ago, Queensland Tourism ran an especially fun job search for one lucky person to spend six months exploring and reporting on the Great Barrier Reef, while picking up a paycheck for USD110,000. Among the video entries: this one by Paul Eldon, then working at The Bookworm, including as the weekly quiz master who tolerated no dissent. It’s a fun romp, in flippers, from The Great Wall to spots many Beijing residents will recognize. Like Jenny Lou’s:

A necessary stop in order to leverage the Australian snack TimTam:

The Blue Zoo, for a “seas the day” vibe:

A farm, because something something about “sea cows”:

And, of course, The Bookworm:

There is also a cameo by former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke

Eldon didn’t get the job—this guy did—but he did end up moving to Australia and is living a good life there. And we still have the memories, one minute of them right here.

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