Beer Boom | What if Barbie had a 50s-style burger joint?

(I was out and about during the May 1 holidays. This is one of a series of updates originally posted on my WeChat account.)

What if Barbie opened a 1950’s-style diner / burger and beer joint? That’s the kind of the vibe at Beer Boom, across from Chao Hotel and close to Gung Ho and Iki on Workers Stadium East. It’s a parade of pink, plastic and the past, from vinyl records and license plates to a jukebox; a Disney World-esque shift from your typical craft beer spot, with a well-thought out menu to boot. It’s not my style, but it’s done ably, even if some might nitpick a few decorative items that seem chronologically out of sync.

I visited Boom by accident, en route home from May 1 holiday visits to Pi Bar, Paddy O’Shea’s and Luga’s new brew pub. The enthusiastic staff were outside at 1 AM and invited me in for a tour. I gave them some Taizi baijiu, they gave me some Moo Moo Stout, which had ample foam (some pouring practice needed) and chocolate and coffee aromas. It’s rmb45 per glass.

The menu lists four burgers– the classic, the avocado, the Black Warrior, the Pink Girl–priced rmb45 to rmb65. Each has a bun of a different color: white, green, black and pink. The few reviews I saw online were positive.

There is a trio of pizzas, plus onion rings, fries, A&W Root Beer, and more. Plus beer: IPA, stout, wheat and cranberry. The cocktail menu is separate and looks like it might hail from a past venture.

Anyway, “soft opening” hours are 5 PM to 1 AM and there is a 12 percent discount. I meant to get back and try those burgers by now but still have not made it. Time to move that up my to-do list. Boom.

(First five photos are mine, last three are Boom’s.)

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