Maggie’s Bar is UMU Bar | And old-timers ain’t gonna like it

The nudge nudge wink wink “I go to Maggie’s for the hot dogs” crowd isn’t going to like this.

While UMU Cafe & Restaurant took over the far end and patio of Maggie’s Bar in late June, some hoped Maggie’s itself would reopen as, well, itself once this coronavirus crisis settled down.

Nope. That space now goes by UMU Bar, with a splashy new design (see pics below).

And if you went to Maggie’s because you also liked the band playing hit songs — that and the hot dogs, of course, nudge nudge wink wink — the only question I have is this: “How do you feel about electronic music?”

Because they are going to be playing it lots. From UMU:

“UMU is a brand-new concept combining international culture, high fashion, and electronic music in a way never before seen in Beijing. Using the location of a very well-known venue with a beautiful outdoor terrace and mix of traditional and modern decor, UMU will bring you the best house and techno music from around the world. In its initial phase, many well-known local DJs and artists will come showcase their talents to promote a free and positive music culture.”

Quite a contrast to Maggie’s policy: “You definitely won’t be disappointed with our very own in-house Maggie’s Band and DJ Extraordinaire, featuring music from all decades and we promise no ‘Electronic Dance Music’.”

Let’s just say 2020 is a year of change.

The next event is Friday and brings together UMU and Lantern, which just lost its digs at Workers Stadium West. Five DJs from 6 PM to late, tickets 50 kuai in advance and 100 kuai at the door.

By the way, the cafe and restaurant known as UMU Youmu — it means “You Make Us” — continues. More on that soon.

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