Bobsleds and burritos | Yum China retail food sponsor of 2022 Olympics

How’d you like fried chicken with your figure skating, a slice of pizza with your skiing, a burrito with your bobsled?

I’ve raved often about the experiences I had during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, including this crazy pub crawl, but one area that was seriously lacking was the stadium food, second-rate convenience store level at best. Except for the five-kuai draft beer. Keep that.

Yum China unveiled a composite logo to mark the sponsorship

So, it’s good news Yum China is official “Retail Food Services Sponsor” for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2022. They look pretty happy about it.

Yum China CEO Joey Wat celebrates the sponsorship with other representatives

The Yum China lineup includes global brands KFCPizza Hut and Taco Bell, scheduled to open its first Beijing outlet next month. Yum also has brands like Little Sheep and COFFii & JOY.

“The sponsorship agreement builds on Yum China’s long track-record of promoting sports and healthy lifestyles in communities throughout China,” states a press release. “This includes supporting major sporting events such as the 2019 Tennis Masters, 3×3 basketball competitions and city marathons.”

Now we have to get that Beijing Taco Bell open!

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