Q&8! Elizabeth Rodewald of Furry Tales

January 11, 2022 BB 0

Elizabeth Rodewald of Furry Tales is dedicated to giving abandoned and abused cats and dogs in Beijing their forever homes. In this Q&8, she covers what’s involved in animal rescue, the tales of Chip the […]

Q&8 | Aden Chang of The Rug

January 9, 2022 BB 0

Elin Hung, Aden Chang and Gordon Chan launched brunch-centric The Rug near Chaoyang Park in 2011 and now have two additional venues, one in Sanlitun and one in WF Central. For the Q&8 series, I […]

Cheese, please. Nine fondue options in Beijing

December 16, 2021 BB 0

Okay, not all nine options are for fondue, two are for raclette, but this list should keep bread-and-potato-into-melted-cheese dipping fans satisfied. Onishi Saketen is getting in on the action this year with a blend of […]

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Oh, Lay’s | We finally got a great potato chip

November 19, 2021 BB 0

Oh, Lay’s. You have taken me on a crazy flavor rollercoaster ride in Beijing all of these years, with the gut-wrenching downs—think flavors like lychee, White Rabbit candy and thousand-year-old egg—far out-numbering the soul-lifting highs. […]