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By Jim Boyce | Last November, I posted about Q Mex plans to open a taco and tequila joint across from Liangma River, to step away from Tex-Mex and Cal-Mex cuisine and focus more on Mexico proper. Word is that venue is days from opening. And if the draft menus are any indication, it will have a wealth of tasty foods and drinks to explore.

But first: I’m a Q Mex pizza fan—try the nacho option!—but had not tried the burgers. I rectified that today with the rmb60 two-burger deal at lunch. While the chorizo burger is tasty, the double cheese easily came out on top. Beefy gooey cheesy goodness. I would love to try it side-by-side with Cannon’s double cheese, my Burger Cup favorite.

OK, back to the new Q Mex. As noted, the theme is closer to Mexican proper. Perhaps that’s not surprising given Q Mex originally focused on authentic Mexican cuisine, a bit too niche at the time. Or given the involvement of Marcus Medina, who studied cooking in Mexico City with Alicia Gironella in the mid-1980s, learned a good deal of regional cuisine, showed off some of his favorite dishes at Q Mex during this  ‘Mad Mex’ tasting last year, and is arguably one of Beijing’s most under-rated chefs. Or that a sizable Q Mex team headed to Mexico last year for an eat-and-drink workcation.

In terms of booze, the original Q aspiration as a tequila haven returns. The menu lists over 70 options by glass, bottle or even flask. And Medina says the team aims to source as much Mezcal as possible. There are also deep-fried tequila shots. (How to deep-fry booze? Check these videos of our experiments with baijiu.) As for cocktails, expect Margaritas, creative Michelado recipes, Palomas and more.

The food menu offers lots of dishes for sharing. Along with grilled corn, fresh salads, chips, and lots of other appetizers, there are nine taco choices and three sets, including recipes with fish, chicken and beef. There is also a DIY taco option. And there are some holdovers from the Q Mex menu, notably burritos (though only four options) and habanaro chicken.

That is just a brief look: there is plenty more on those menus. Suffice it to say, given my experience at Q Mex and the pictures on those draft menus, things sound pretty good. So does word that Q Mex’s half-price deals—burritos on Monday, pizzas on Tuesday, etc—will have its equivalent at the new place. I’ll update as soon as it’s open.

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