Paddy O’Play’s | Join Beijing’s premier fantasy Premier League group

By Jim Boyce | Aldo Nova—arcane pop reference!—once sang “life is just a fantasy“. I’m pretty sure he could see 35 years into the future and was talking about Paddy O’Shea’s fantasy Premier League group.

The “Paddy O’League” had 150 players last year and should be even more active for the upcoming campaign.

How much soccer / football knowhow do you need? Not much. My team TaterTottenHamNCheez won prizes three times last year, including a 元300 gift certificate that I promptly spent on picklebacks and beer. (I should have saved it for Crazy Irish Hour.)

Anyway, if you are a fan of Paddy O’Shea’s, football, free stuff (five prizes weekly, including gift certificates, booze and food) or banter (the league has a WeChat group), you best sign up.

To do so, register at the Premier League site—see here. Have an account? Log in here and pick your squad under “My Team” (you can change your players later).

Then click “Leagues” and “Create and join new leagues.” You’re basically at the stadium gates now and just need to hand over your ticket.

Click “Join a league“, then “Join a private league”, then insert Paddy’s code (961225-230416) and you’re in.

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