Beijing next, please | Two more Taco Bells for Shanghai

By Jim Boyce | We have worthy Mexican, Tex-Mex and Cal-Mex food in Beijing thanks to the likes of Sand Pebbles and Q Mex Taqueria but life will not be complete until we also get a Taco Bell. Buoying hopes is news that Yum China just added two more Taco Bells in Shanghai. That means things are going well—much better than with the Taco Bell Grande experiment in Shanghai a decade ago—and it’s only a matter of time before we get a branch, right?

“The new restaurants integrate Taco Bell’s signature brand and spirit into the local community, and bring both classic menu items and original recipes to cater to Chinese customers,” said Yum China CEO Micky Pant in a press release last month. “We are excited to welcome more customers to experience Taco Bell in Shanghai and look forward to bringing this vibrant, global brand to other parts of China in 2018 [my emphasis].”

Please let those “other parts” include Beijing. Yes, I know there are lots of Taco Bell haters out there but it is a go-to fast food option for me back home. And I would love to be able to mow down on an occasional seven-layer burrito (do the China outlets have these!?) and cheese fries (and these!?) here in Beijing. Even better, the Taco Bells in Shanghai sell booze, including margaritas, mojitos and Asahi beer.

Make it happen, Taco Bell!

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