Pigging out in Year of the Rooster

Note: I wrote this yesterday, before heading off to celebrate Chinese New Year, and have already been four of the spots listed below!

Chinese New Year approaches with the promise of skies full of fireworks, streets empty of cars, and ample time to indulge in fellowship, food and drink. True, some venues will be closed for the holidays but there are more than enough options in my Sanlitun-Gongti neighborhood.

It’s a time for comfort food and I’ll no doubt slip into Q Mex for some tasty thin-crust pizzas—try the nacho, the spicy chorizo or the ham and mushroom, all delicious. XL Bar & Restaurant will also be open so that I can supplement my diet of pizza and dumplings with a burger of two, chased it down with fries lathered in ketchup and mayonnaise, and enjoy a few drinks made by the city’s most dangerous bartender.

There will be a stop at Biteapitta, though as usual I’m likely to hem and haw for twenty minutes before deciding what to eat. And likely visits to Paddy O’Shea’s, where a baijiu pickleback might well be in order, and Beer Mania, where my usual tipple is Chimay Red. (Both places are open daily from 5 PM.)

And I expect a few sessions at Q Bar, though I doubt we’ll do a repeat of the bacon-chocolate shot glasses. Alfonso Specials and Q’s baijiu-based cocktails are another matter.

Here’s hoping everyone who reads this blog gets all their favorite drinks and snacks over the holidays!

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